2017-2018 Staff

Maddy Klein

Journalism I

I'm a senior at North High School. After I graduate I plan on going to college/work. I also have a cat named Pretty Kitty.

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Erica Jordan

Journalism I

Erica Jordan is a Senior  at north high. She is organically from Atlanta Georgia. She moved to Minnesota in 2014. Erica enjoys writing, socializing  with friends and family, and meeting new people. Her favorite subject is English....

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Tejiri Agbamu

Staff Writer

Tejiri Agbamu is a senior this 2017-18 school year. She has been a part of Polar Prints for about two and a half years. She is a part-time PSEO student with a passion for Journalism.

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Ricky Vue

Journalism I

Ricky Vue is a North High student and he likes to listen to several types of music including pop, piano, rock, and much more. Some of his favorite things to do during his spare time are watching videos from Youtube, helping his...

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Kendrick Harris

Staff writter

Kendrick Harris is senior at north high school. he has 9 siblings, 4 boys and 5 girls. also he has a big black cat named Midnight. Out of all his siblings he is the second oldest. In his free time he likes to play lots of basketball....

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Taleeya Roberts

Staff Writer

Taleeya is a senior at North high school. She does boxing and is currently undefeated. Last school year she ran track here at North high school for the first time. She also loves traveling and going to concerts. She just recently...

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Armon Ford

Journalism I

This is Ar'mon Ford. He is a new Junior attending North High this year. He enjoys studying things such as math, and history. He spends a lot of his time on the Basketball court, and has hopes of playing on the JV team this year.

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Anna Sica

Journalism I

Anna is a junior at North High School. She enjoys knitting, writing, and baking. Her favorite subject is math, but she hates trigonometry. She would like to become an architect and attend the University of Minnesota once she leaves...

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Kailey Beeman

Journalism II

Kailey Beeman, Grade 12 Kailey is a 12th grade student at North High School, she is a photographer for the North High Football, Baseball, Basketball and Track&Field teams. She is also going into her 3rd year as Norths Track&Field...

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London Feland

Staff Writer

London is a freshman at North high school. She has 3 cats and a fish named Pikachu. She has two adorable younger siblings who she loves so much. Her interests include hanging out with family, writing fan fiction, reading, knitting,...

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Gabby Stewart

Staff Writer

Gabby Stewart is a freshman at North Senior High School, and she is fourteen years old. She has two dogs; Farrah and Casey. Farrah is nine years old and Casey just turned five this May. Gabby's hobbies include of photography and...

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Natalie Erickson

Staff Writer

Natalie Erickson is a freshman at north high. Natalie  has a cat the name of her cat is Della.She named her cat Della because she got it in Wisconsin dells. She loves drama and wants to be in the plays. Natalie was not able to...

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Anna Oslund

Staff Writer

Anna Oslund is a senior at North High. She lives with her Mom, Dad, and younger brother. She also has a Black Lab named Lena. Anna enjoys fashion, spending time with friends and family, reading, writing, and working out. Her goal...

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Long Nguyen

Journalism I

Long is a decent writer, a senior at North who's looking very forward to get out of high school as soon as possible. He likes cats.

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Zachary Zinter

Journalism I

As well as being involved in Polar Prints, Zachary is involved in many other art programs here at North High School. One of which is Polar Portraits, which is a group here at North High School who take senior photos and student...

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Thomas Richardson

Journalism I

Thomas Richardson, local North High Senior. Outside of school Thomas enjoys hiking. Thomas Works at Fleet Farm and enjoys eating tacos.

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Meghan Taylor

Journalism II

Meghan Taylor is a senior at North High School and a member of the Writers Club.

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Tyler Moe


Tyler enjoys spending time with his friends, skateboarding, and listening to music. He tries to be a straight-A-student. He loves going to his cabin and spending time outside, whether it's going for a run, hanging out with friends,...

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Alegria Avila

Journalism I

Alegria Avila is a sophomore at North High School, this year is her very first year at North High. She loves to go to the mall and hangout with her friends.

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Alex Zerwas

Journalism I class

Aside from taking Journalism I class, Alex is a student at North High in his Junior Year. His hobbies include writing and graphic design.

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Trinity Rembert

Journalism I

Trinity Rembert is a senior at North High School and is involved in Relay for Life. She is a certified lifeguard and is passionate about Marine and aquatic life. She strives to work and care for Marine and Sea animals and loves...

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Josie Borchert

Journalism I

Josie is a senior at North High School. She is involved in Show Choir and Theater. She was recently in A Hillbilly Weddin'. She played the youngest sister of a rambunctious family. You can see as Snow White in this years musical ...

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Nkaujzoo Lee

Journalism 1

Nkaujzoo is a senior at North High School. She has a passion for fashion and photography. She also likes to write, draw and dance during her free time. She discovered her passion for photography in seventh grade and her enjoyment...

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Nauviyin Lee

Journalism I

Nauviyin Lee is a senior at North High School. When she's not working, she enjoys listening to music. Nauviyin also likes eating mac and cheese.

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Joelle Tokpa

Journalism I

Joelle Tokpa is a junior at North High School. Although not involved in any after school sports or extra-curricular activities, she shows support to North by volunteering occasionally, or by simply going to support her classmates...

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Star Vang

Journalism l

Star Vang is a senior student involved in the North's Northern Lights Show choir. She is also enjoys writing stories and playing sports such as football and volleyball.

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Andreanna Yang

Journalism I

Andreanna also goes by Andi.  A senior that is now involve in the polar prints editor.  She enjoys playing in sports as in soccer, dance, and gymnastics.  Not only she's in Show Choir and North High's National Honor Society...

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Toteonia Roberts

Journalism I

Toteonia is a senior at North High School. In her first (and last) year at North, she is hoping to spend her time getting to know people. She enjoys reading, writing, socializing, and photography.

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Calvin Lee

Journalism I

Calvin Lee a Junior at North High School that enjoys skateboarding and a few other sports. He would also like to study at the University Of Minnesota.

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Preston Lee

Journalism I

Preston is a senior at North High School and enjoys writing. He likes to be around his family and friends.

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Michelle Flores

Journalism I

Michelle Flores is actively involved in Yearbook as the Photo Editor. Aside from Yearbook, Michelle is also in Link Crew. Outside of school, Michelle enjoys adventuring, late night drives, traveling, and going to concerts.

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Evelyn Baxton

Journalism I

Evelyn Baxton is a Junior at North High School. Her favorite subject is English and she is involved in Link Crew. Aside from writing, Evelyn enjoys photography, film, and listening to music. She loves anything old school, especially...

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Ruby Davis-Nelson

Journalism 1

Ruby is a student at North High who loves to write. She aspires to be a journalist, in the future, that impacts peoples' lives and informs them of whats going on all over the world. Ruby used to be on the North Swim and Dive team,...

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Brianna Young

Journalism I

Brianna is a senior at North High School this year. She spends most of her free time after school with her team mates of the girls North Basketball team. She believes a lot in school spirit so she always joined in on games , dress...

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Tytist Dean

Journalism I

Outside of Polar Prints, Tytist is a senior involved in National Honor Society and Boys Basketball at North High. He values spending time with friends and family, doing music, and working out. He likes to write about past exp...

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Alison Anderson

Journalism I

Alison Anderson is a senior at North High School. She is involved in Concert Chorale and Show Choir.  Alison has also been in theater since she was little. You may have seen her in Footloose last fall as Ariel Moore. She also...

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Paola Estrada Contreras

Journalism I

Paola is a senior at North High School. She loves to be involved in after school activities, such as Jazz Band and College Possible.

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Kaitlynn Lowy

Journalism I

Hey folks, Kaitlynn is an odd ball. She is interested in all things chill and all things fun. She enjoys long walks on the beach with dramatic music playing in the background, and also binge watching Dawson's Creek for cheap thrills.

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Libby Haggerty

Staff Writer

Being a busy bee, Libby participates in many of North High's after-school activities! Drama Club, College Possible, and Cheerleading take up the majority of her time. However, she always finds time in her schedule to volunteer...

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Grace Stolte

Staff Writer

Grace is a senior this year at North High School. Her favorite subjects are English and Science. She works at Starbucks, and spends her free time spending time with her family, friends, and dog. On top of being apart of Polar ...

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