North High: TOO COLD????

Destiny Yang, Staff Writer

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North High is rumored to be too cold. Students are seen carrying around blankets and wearing many layers due to this cold temperature. Many students claim that North High is too cold and this makes it hard to dress themselves. After an interview with Emma Roling, a senior here at North High, she says that, “North is too cold. It gets hard to wear items of our choice when we have to worry about what to layer on top to keep ourselves warm. It’s a little easier to dress when the weather is warm, but in Winter, it’s almost unbearable.”

After a verbal survey with many of the students in our halls, Mr. Krueger’s room was deemed the coldest room at North High. Mr. Krueger also believes his room is very cold. He even has his own personal space heater that he keeps under his desk. When asked whether he would share the comfort of his space heater with his classroom, Mr. Kruger jokingly said, “Why? I can keep warm as the students freeze.” But rather than complain about his cold room, Mr. Krueger sees this as a source of pride. Mr. Krueger also does not believe that North being “too cold” is an issue, as it can help students stay awake and more alert in the colder environment. People tend to fall asleep more when they are in a comfortable, warm environment.

Many students and even teachers find that North does tend to get cold, especially during the winter months, however, it can be hard to designate whose room is the coldest. As Mr. Simms says, “I feel my room is the coldest, but that’s only because we teachers don’t really travel to other rooms often.”

Now for feedback from you: Whose room do you think is the coldest at North?