How Do You Feel About Your Grades?

Kylee Guenther, Journalism Student

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How do you feel about your grades at the moment?

So as everybody knows there are late work deadlines, and today November 16th happens to be one and everybody is trying their hardest to get their grades up. Me personally I struggle with my grades but I always try my hardest to get my grades up before the end of the trimester. Because if I do not get my grades up then I will fail, and no one wants to fail any classes. When I asked people how they feel about their grades, some people are very happy with where they are at, while others are kind of upset with themselves by letting their grades be where they are right now. Some people are happy with C+’s but others, get so upset when they see a C+. Some people get so mad when they see an A-, but others are thrilled to see that. I feel like teachers do not like when students have bad grades because it kind of reflects on them, and it would look like they are bad teachers or something. “Most people focus on the required courses, rather than the electives.” says Addison Ellingboe. So when people fail their elective classes they do not really do anything to change them until it is last minute. “ I want to stay after and do work with my teachers, so I can get my grades up.” says Asiana Klassen. I feel that teachers should focus more on the learning part of class rather than just the grade part, although they do an alright job at teaching, well that is my opinion anyways. Letter grades are not only unnecessary, but also harmful. People that get graded tend to try and get their grades up, and then start loosing interest in the education.