Mr. Anderson, School Psychologist revealed!!!


Abel Xiong, Journalism Student

Steven Anderson is a counselor and psychologist here at North.

He was born in Edina, MN and graduated high school from Eagan High School in Eagan, MN.

He has one younger brother and is married to his wife Rachel and has one daughter who is 2 years old.

Mr. Anderson is responsible for all the special education evaluations to determine student needs that go into student individual education plans. He does observations in classrooms and also counsels students and learns about school concerns for all kids at North High through talking with parents/teachers/students.

He used to coach volleyball here at North High. In addition to being a great all around presence, he also chaperones dances, taste tests in Foods Class and attends after school student activities.

Mr. Anderson also worked at John Glenn, Weaver and Cowern Elementary in the same capacity.

We are thankful for Mr. Anderson’s presence at North.