Real Life Horrors

Maddie Lundgren, Staff Writer

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Happy Halloween fellow polars and welcome to my first post of the new real life horrors. This will be for all you people the love the creepy, cool. Every one has at least heard of the movie “Poltergeist” and it’s trilogy. I’m here to tell you all some creepy facts. enjoy

  1. Months After the Release of the First Film, a Star Was Murdered.Poltergeist was released in June 1982, and in November of that year, 22-year-old Dominique Dunne, who played Dana (the family’s older daughter), was murdered. Dunne was brutally strangled in her own driveway by her abusive ex-boyfriend and was removed from life support five days later.
  2.  An Exorcism Was Performed on the Set of the Sequel. Concerned about the use of real skeletons on the set of the first film, Native American actor and Poltergeist II: The Other Side star Will Sampson performed an exorcism on the set of the second film in 1984. According to Williams, he went to the set late at night by himself to do it. The next day, the cast supposedly felt relieved.
  3. Poltergeist’s young Star died at twelve. The untimely passing of Poltergeist’s iconic young star is perhaps the most convincing case for a curse. Heather O’Rourke (aka Carol Anne) was incredibly young when she died of cardiac arrest and septic shock caused by a misdiagnosed intestinal issue. She died in February 1988 at twelve, several months before the release of Poltergeist III, the final chapter in the original series.
  4. One Cast Member Barely Escaped Death. Richard Lawson was aboard USAir Flight 405 when it crashed into Flushing Bay in March 1992. A total of 27 people (out of the 51 on board) were killed. Lawson survived, but the event is yet another reason people claim the movie is cursed.
  5. A cast member was brutally murdered. Lou Perryman played the small role of Pugsley in the original film. He was 67 years old when a recently released ex-convict killed him in his own home with an ax.
  6. Child actor almost strangle to death by the animatronic clown featured in the movie

What do you think? Is it a curse, or simply a series of terrible events?