Brooke: An Artist’s Affirmation


Victoria Haukaas, Journalism Student

I asked Brooke one question; When I ask you to tell a story, what do you want to talk about? With that came a whole lot, as she describes her art and her thoughts on it. Brooke says it’s weird to think about, her art, her perspective, “I like to think I’m in my own reality.” She branches to describe her stress and fears as she gets older in regards to college. It’s a topic she knows many relate to. What she wants to convey with her art is trying to be positive with anxiety. Brooke has the dream of being that person people see hope in, through her creative medium and even after all the crap. She wants to inspire people, and it really is her belief that everyone is good at something if they try. She wants people to know that it’s okay for art to come from a dark place, a lot of her art stems from a mental break down, a bad day, a stressor. “There’s a world in your head” Brooke says, “Make it relate back to your life.” Use what you do have stirring in you, not what you don’t.