Adaptive Soccer team on a roll!!


Abel Xiong, Journalism Student

Adaptive sports have been a part of North for many years. Coach Trudy McQuiston started as a sped para in 2009. Five years ago, she was asked to coach the soccer team. She also coaches Floor Hockey and Bowling.

She started coaching in 2016 and will be in her 4th year. She says that the team is going great with three wins so far. The most amazing game that Trudy has ever played was at Tartan. That got them to the state finals.

In the future, there are going to be different coaches for Floor Hockey. North will get two new head coaches along with Pam and Trudy.

Trudy doesn’t have any thoughts about being a professional coach. She just wants to stay where she is, being in the Adaptive program. The only rivalries they have is the South Suburban, because they don’t play well with others. Trudy says the support for Adaptive at North is wonderful.

Let’s hope that the Adaptive sports continue to have support at North. Go North!!!