North students excel State Fair art contest.

London Feland, Staff Writer

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The State Fair art contest results are in! In first place for Ceramics is Nicholas J Jaskulske (11th) and Ana S Medrano (11th). In third place was Khaiyu C Vang (10th).

For Photography, the first place winners are Jonathan Heu (12th), Kaocheneng Yang (10th), Rian Guthe(11th), Jenna Bidwell (11th), Calvin Pevon (11th), Casey Markovich (11th), Rachel McSherry (12th), Effy Shypulski (12th), and Jason To (12th). In second place is Aryana Hutchinson (10th), Rachel McSherry (12th), and Aoife Zamacona (11th). In 3rd place was Mackenzie Cook (10th). In fourth place was Rachel Amundson (12th). In 6th place is Lucy Francis (11th), Tim Larson (11th), Sarah Jorgenson (12th), and Jonathan Heu (12th). Congratulation to these students.

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North students excel State Fair art contest.