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Brianna Young, Journalism I

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Being a brand new freshman in a big new High school can be very hard, stressful and intimidating. freshman at North Saint Paul High school Dylan B says he was so scared about starting High school he spent his whole summer practicing n being in big crowds by embarrassing himself in public. He says he never really thought about how many older people would be around him at once. Dylan plays baseball and admits hes very comfortable playing that sport and being around those people with the same interest that he has. Dylan knows hell make it through High school he just needed to get past the first few weeks.
Sophomore Anna M says she feels like a freshman because she started this year at North Saint Paul High school after leaving Johnson High School. In her opinion she believes high school isn’t as stressful to start as most may think, “a lot of the upper class man don’t really notice you’re there, its a lot like middle school and they only thing you really need to worry about is homecoming week”. She says “i feel bad for the freshman but everyone goes through it, i went through it and everyone’s gonna do what they did to us, its just how High school works”. Anna M says that High school can be stressful cause the transition from middle school to High school and like kindergarten to 12th grade. Dylan believes kids will get through the first year in High school it may be long but you’ll get through it. High School is not like the movies, it’s like middle school with more people. First days might be hard but a few weeks in things start to click you start to make friends and getting more comfortable with how things work on a day to day basis. its always easier the older you get , but everyone knows that. classes get easier and you meet new people. as long as you keep you’re grades up and stay in school you’ll survive.

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New in North Saint Paul